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Uncyclopokia (from Latin: Uncyclopochius Retardenza) is a website devoted to providing the world with absolute bullshit 719% accurate information about Pokermanz, as well as the inferior creatures called Pokemon.


Uncyclopokia always existed. It's existence predates even Arceus himself. In fact, Uncyclopokia created Arceus, and commanded him to make six more deities by ripping off six of it's arms. With it's remaining 994 arms, Arceus made Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina to control Time, Space, and... I don't know, ghosts or something, as well as three fairies with terrible haircuts. Realizing Uncyclopokia couldn't possibly exist in time without someone making it in the first place, Dialga brought Uncyclopokia back to before anything existed, which is how Uncyclopedia came to make the universe.

The Early YearsEdit

The beginning of Uncyclopedia was chaotic. Things never made sense. The closest thing to order the early life of Uncyclopedia could appreciate was that it's pages can haz so grammerz... er, nevermind.

Uncyclopedia started out over a bridge off an outerstate lowway, drinking expensive champagne ever since it's stocks skyrocketed in value. However, it soon found a new unprofitable business to rescue it from the horrors of the upper class. This business was making parodies of parodies. Reveling in it's newfound unsuccess, it worked it's way down to one-star motels and the cheapest booze imaginable.


Nowadays Uncyclopedia is finding more and more new bullcrap about Pokemon each day. It's currently working on building a team so it can one day achieve it's dreams of conquering the world spreading bullcrap providing valuable information.

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