Rules: the ONLY thing to take serious... unless you're at Bulbapedia.

Or Wikipedia.

Here they are:

  1.  Treat others the way you would want to be treated.Behind a username and IP is a human that needs love. With edits, assume that they were in good faith, except in obvious situations where a person is a blatant vandal, spammer, or dick (see below). Everybody has a different sense of humor. Being insulting or having a belligerent attitude towards users is nonconstructive and will create avoidable drama. Instead, show users love, red hot burning love so that Uncyclopokia can become a den of hot saucy dripping love.
  2. Don't be a dick."Dick" behavior needs no explanation. Two users' idea of dick behavior is 99.9% the same. That's why you'll know you're being a "dick" when someone tells you to stop being one. If you are currently blocked for being a dick, then you definitely were being a dick. The best thing about dick behavior is that it is almost always forgotten and forgiven if one stops being a dick and moves on.

  3.  This is NOT directly taken from Uncyclopedia, so stop asking.

I'll need people willing to add the below missing features. If anyone can help, volunteer here:

Communication on Uncyclopokia is vital. Most of the problems between users stem from misunderstandings or a lack of communication. Consider these tips when posting:

    • (Please communicate with users through talk pages, the chatroom, or with the entire community through the Community Page. Spamming crap on the Community Page will get you into trouble, so make it count. If the issue is not directly related to the website's operations, use the GarbodorDump. If there's a technical problem with the website use Uncyclopokia:Report a problem.)**    #None of this has been added yet, will be added soon... ish.#

When finishing articlesEdit

Worried that an admin might Blast Burn your page? Let us know in the edit summary (this is not the same as the article text) or leave a construction template on it. Need someone else to help you? Let us know on the talk page by adding the Template:Help template, or start a topic in the Village Dump. Communicating with the admins and other users as to your intentions will let us know that you're not an Evil IP of Doom (i.e. blanking, spamming, crap, and/or other vandalism). These comments will appear in Special:Recentchanges; pay attention to this page too, as admin comments will often appear here. If you don't tell us anything, don't be upset if we destroy a page because it only has a few lines.

Note that communication will only get you so far. If you tell us you're gonna finish an article, do it sometime soon.

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