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Welcome to the Uncyclopokia Wiki!Edit

The Digimon-free encyclopedia. This site can be deproved by adding random crap valuable information that has little everything to do with Pokemon! Bulbapedia ain't got nuthin'.

Porpoise Of This WikiEdit

This wiki is intended to provide the world with 719% accurate info on the powerful beings known as Pokermanz.

Rules and Stuff... Mostly RulesEdit

The rules can be found here:

Getting StartedEdit

The list that will eventually link to every "Pokemon" type page by number:

The origin of the wiki:

All Hail Dialga The Time Lord!!!Edit

Worship Him with your very soul! Pray to Him five times a day! Make pilgrimages to Temporal Tower, Mt. Coronet, and your local nude beach! Make sacrifices of Pidgey and Gogoats to Him! Huff Skitties in honor of him! So saith Lord Dialga!

Latest activityEdit

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